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What Are Wheelabrating and Sandblasting?

Wheelabrating refers to an industrial technology that offers widespread shot blasting. This is characterized by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material onto a surface via high-pressure air through a nozzle. This is used to prevent corrosion that results from the accumulation of debris as well as to prepare metallic surfaces. To find out more […]

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What Is Wheelabrating?

When you need to clean or strengthen a metal piece, you might turn to wheelabrating, Otherwise known as shot blasting services in Gastonia, NC, this is an aggressive, abrasive technique that can ready a material for finishing, whether that’s painting, polishing or another method. If it sounds like sandblasting, you’re not too far off—it’s the […]

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Why You Should Use Wheelabrating

One of the most important parts of metal fabrication is preparing pieces to obtain a high-quality finish. Usually if there are problems with getting proper adherence of the paint or finish to the substrate, this is because there was improper surface preparation, or a complete lack of such preparation. Processes like shot blasting in Gastonia, […]

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