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Why Do We Need Metallurgy?

Unless you live on a remote island in the middle of the ocean, you’d be hard pressed to go for a single day without using some type of metal in one way or another. Whether it’s getting behind the wheel of your car, using your computer or cooking an egg in a frying pan, metal […]

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A Metallurgy Definition and Overview

Metallurgy is the study of the physical and chemical properties and behaviors of metals and metallic elements. The principles of metallurgy have been used for thousands of years as core components of welding and metalworking, and of course, both our understanding of the field and the technologies used for these processes in Gastonia, NC have […]

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What Is Carburizing, and When Would I Need It?

Exploring the different metallurgy processes in Gastonia, NC is helpful when deciding which treatments would best suit the parts or components you’re creating. Carburizing, also known as case hardening, is a process that achieves a wear-resistant exterior while maintaining the strength and character of the interior. How carburizing works Carburizing is usually used on parts […]

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