How To Choose The Right Heat Treating Company

How To Choose The Right Heat Treating Company

When it comes time to selecting a metal shop that will help you with your metal fabrication needs, you’ll want to choose a company that is qualified to meet your needs. Choosing too quickly can lead to failed products and wasted resources, but putting some thought into the process will ensure you get quality results at an affordable price.

There are several factors to consider when picking a metal shop, including their experience with heat treating and the specific materials they handle. You’ll also want to ensure that they have the right equipment for your application and that their employees are trained in safety protocols. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that you can communicate your requirements to them accurately and efficiently. This will ensure that they have all the information they need to produce your metal parts with the highest possible standards.

Are They Good At Heat-Treating?

One of the most important steps in any heat-treating process is cooling. The rate of cooling can change the way a material responds to heating and is critical to its overall performance. Some heat-treating processes use gas or liquids to engulf the metal in a process called quenching, while others merely allow it to cool at room temperature or within the furnace. Regardless of which method is used, the end result should be a material that has changed its physical and chemical properties, such as hardness, strength and ductility. The best way to determine which heat-treating process is right for your needs is to consult with a metallurgist. He can tell you which heat-treating methods are likely to work best for your application and can offer recommendations on the best equipment for that process.

Are They Safety-Focused?

It’s also a good idea to speak with a representative of the heat-treating company you’re considering about their safety procedures. Ideally, they should have an established quality control system that includes an independent third-party review. Another thing to look for is their ability to perform the heat-treating process in a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly manner. Many heat-treating companies have environmental certifications that they can show you.

Can They Perform Specialized Testing?

If your part requires specialized testing, be sure to let them know that when you place your order or request for quote. These tests can have a major impact on your cost and lead time. You can ask the company you’re considering to test your parts according to a set of AMS specifications or to your specific requirements. The exact requirements will vary from order to order, but a few common tests include surface hardness, microhardness, tensile strength, carbon content and IGO/IGA.

Pick Accordingly

The right heat-treating process is vital to the overall performance of your metal parts. J.F. Heat Treating Inc is proud to offer full-service metal heat treating in Gastonia, Gaston County, and Charlotte, NC. Our experienced technicians use cutting edge equipment and industry-approved methods to provide the best metal heat treating services. We offer everything from quench tempering to carburizing and more to improve the performance and extend the service life of your machines, parts and metals, whether you need softening, hardening or sophisticated material modification. Contact us here today:

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