Providing all types of heat treating services:
To soften, harden, relieve stress, Or remove contaminants.


We work with the manufacturing and fabrication industries to give YOU the best product available

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Specializing in the hardening and carburizing of various steel products in metallurgical lab

J.F. Heat Treating in Gastonia NC

Since 1980, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. has been your local professional metallurgical and heat treatment company. We provide all types of heat treating services to soften, harden, relieve stress, or remove contaminants from your metal parts and components.

Heat Treatments

In order to maintain ultimate productivity and efficiency in your livelihood or home shop, you need your machines and parts to perform at full capacity. But sometimes they require heat treatment to repair or enhance performance, and that’s where we come in. J.F. Heat Treating Inc. provides comprehensive metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC, to increase the strength and alter the manufacturability of your materials, improve machining and formability and restore ductility.

Our professional heat treatments in Gastonia, NC, include annealing, aging, quenching, tempering of all types of equipment, from basic parts to state-of-the-art machines. All of our services are designed to completely soften, harden, carburize, relieve the stress on, remove contaminants from or otherwise alter your parts and components without changing the product shape. We also provide shot blasting and wheelabrating cleaning services to give you a machine that performs at maximum efficiency and power.

Our metallurgical lab is outfitted with cutting-edge tools and equipment, and our trained technicians utilize decades of experience and unparalleled skill to completely control the heating and cooling process. Learn more about why our professional lab has become the most trusted heat treatment service in the region:

  • We are proud members of ASM International and MTI.

  • Our lab is full-service and can treat all types of parts or machines.

  • We are a family owned and operated company.

  • We have been in business for close to 35 years.