Annealing & Normalizing Services in Gastonia, NC

At J.F. Heat Treating Inc, we are proud to offer the full range of precipitation strengthening and heat treating services in our professional lab. Whether you’re hardening, softening or carburizing the metal, we offer completely professional service for all types of steel products, parts and machines. Our primary services and specialties include:
  • Aging: We age your solutionized metals to enable their allying elements to diffuse throughout the microstructure, forming intermetallic particles for greater reinforcement.
  • Annealing: We offer full annealing in Gastonia, NC, including process annealing and stress relief annealing, to increase strength, eliminate residual stress, refine the grain size and positively alter the electromagnetic properties.
  • Cleaning services: We offer wheelabrating cleaning services for a more superior, durable process than traditional sandblasting.
  • Hardening: For induction hardening or selective case hardening, we offer induction and flame hardening to affect as much or as little of the whole product.
  • Normalizing: To dramatically improve the uniformity of composition and grain size throughout your alloy, we offer a superior normalizing in North Carolina.
  • Peening: We offer shot blasting and mechanical hammer peening to rework your metal’s surface, completely improving its properties, relieving any existing tensile stress and encouraging its strength.
  • Tempering: Because most untempered steel doesn’t provide enough flexibility to make its hardness useful, we offer careful steel tempering to increase the ductility and relieve internal stresses of martensitic and even normalized steels.
  • Quench Tempering: Our expert technicians foster rapid cooling in the quench tempering process to produce a dramatically harder or softer metal for your use.

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