Metal Heat Treating in Gastonia NC

We are proud to offer full-service heat treating in Gastonia, NC. Heat treating is the controlled heating of cooling and metals, a highly refined process used to alter the physical and mechanical properties of the metal without fundamentally changing the shape of the product at all. Heat treatment not only increases the strength of the material, but also improves its formability, restores the ductility that may have been lost after a cold working operation and immensely improves the performance of your machine in general. Our experienced technicians use cutting edge equipment and industry approved methods to provide the following heat treating services:

  • Softening: Softening can remove residual stress, improve ductility, increase toughness, refine the size of the grain and change the electromagnetic properties of your steel, which are particularly necessary when cold working is required, such as wiredrawing or cold-rolling operation. Our softening processes include full process, spheroidizing, normalizing, tempering and annealing.
  • Hardening: Hardening improves the strength and wear of your metals with sufficient alloy and carbon content. We also offer diffusion treatment hardening techniques to enrich the carbon content of your steel and allow for full hardening, as well as through hardening and case hardening in Gastonia, NC, to harden only the surface without altering the softness of the deeper layers of metal.
  • Material modification: In addition to hardening and softening your metals, we can also modify the properties of your materials to change the steel’s behavior. You may wish to do this to relieve stress, change strength properties or to maximize its service life.

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