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What Is Wheelabrating?

Wheelabrating is the process of shot blasting surfaces using abrasive materials to clean metal pieces. It’s aggressive and uses a strong force, which is what makes it very efficient for cleaning and finishing.  It’s a lot similar to the process of sandblasting as it essentially applies the same concept, although with a different method entirely. […]

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What Are Wheelabrating and Sandblasting?

Wheelabrating refers to an industrial technology that offers widespread shot blasting. This is characterized by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material onto a surface via high-pressure air through a nozzle. This is used to prevent corrosion that results from the accumulation of debris as well as to prepare metallic surfaces. To find out more […]

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What You Should Know About Shot Blasting in Heat Treating

Shot blasting has been used in numerous circumstances when developing certain types of equipment, such as automobile and airplane engine parts. It is considered standard practice to shot blast other types of tools and equipment as well, including valve springs and leaf springs. So why is shot blasting used in the heat treating environment, and […]

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