What Is Wheelabrating?

Wheelabrating is the process of shot blasting surfaces using abrasive materials to clean metal pieces. It’s aggressive and uses a strong force, which is what makes it very efficient for cleaning and finishing. 

It’s a lot similar to the process of sandblasting as it essentially applies the same concept, although with a different method entirely. The main thing about this process is that it uses equipment called a Wheelabrator. But what is it, and how does Wheelabrator work?

Introducing the Wheelabrator

The Wheelabrator is technically an industrial technology corporation that manufactures wheelabrating equipment. However, the Wheelabrator machine works to efficiently clean individual parts to prepare them for painting or finishing.

The point is to get these metal parts spotless by shooting abrasive materials at the surface with the slingshot method using a centrifugal wheel. Because of the different details in parts, the Wheelabrator machine can be made custom according to the needs of the industrial company requiring it. 

What Are the Pros of Wheelabrating? 

There are many other pros of wheelabrating apart from the typical cleaning and finishing tasks it is expected to carry out. Here are a few of the other benefits you can gain from using this process. 


Wheelabrating is used in cleaning metal parts with very minimal blasting. All it takes to achieve desired results is to send the materials through the machine, and voila! The metal parts are cleaned and finished as well as they could be. 

Because it uses a highly accurate centrifugal wheel, the metal parts are so thoroughly cleaned that the protective coating is able to adhere to it more efficiently. The motion against the wheel also helps resolve any defects that may be on the metal surface. 

This means that it can also deal with corrosion well, without doing any further damage to the material. Wheelabrating can also remove rust, paint, hard treatment scale, and even chemical stains in no time.


Thanks to wheelabrating, the results of the process are of good quality, and therefore long-lasting. Because it can be customized to accommodate the unique parts you have, you can maximize the benefits of using this process.

This also means that it’s less likely to break down and cause functional problems because whatever you put in there will be compatible with it in one way or another. 


Last but not least, wheelabrating is a very sustainable and environment-friendly process. The machine itself features a high-quality air filtration system, which is designed specifically to capture microparticles. Thanks to this feature, no pollutants can escape from the Wheelabrator, which means that there will be no leakage into the air system of untreated particles.

Not only that, but the shot metals are instantly recycled on the spot too. So everything will be contained as much as possible, and therefore minimize its environmental impact all around.


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