What Are Wheelabrating and Sandblasting?

Wheelabrating refers to an industrial technology that offers widespread shot blasting. This is characterized by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material onto a surface via high-pressure air through a nozzle. This is used to prevent corrosion that results from the accumulation of debris as well as to prepare metallic surfaces.

To find out more about why wheelabrating is important, read on.

The benefits of wheelabrating

This process is intended to meet blast cleaning requirements. It’s a time- and cost-efficient process because most materials only need to pass through a wheelabrator once—that means jobs are delivered on schedule.

Beyond these benefits, wheelabrating is an environmentally-friendly process. When done properly, air-filtration systems will capture tiny particles and reuse steel shot during the process. Pollutants are treated prior to being released from the system. Wheelabrating creates the ideal conditions for each application, meaning the final product is long-lasting. Overall, this is a process that saves time, money and labor.

Why sandblasting is a good choice for custom metal fabrication

Another shot blasting process to preserve metal is sandblasting. There are times when custom metal fabrication is necessary to protect parts used in a complex manufacturing process. Sandblasting offers distinct advantages when it comes to these kinds of jobs.

Sandblasting involves propelling tiny pieces of materials at very high speeds to clean and etch surfaces. There’s a wide range of granular materials used in this process, each coming with benefits and drawbacks. Here are the leading reasons people choose sandblasting:

  • Sandblasting is reusable. The same materials can be used multiple times for this purpose, making it an efficient and economical choice.
  • This process will remove oil, rust and scale. These all have the tendency to form on freshly-manufactured steel parts.
  • Cleaning the surface manually before applying new industrial paint is a laborious, time-consuming process. Sandblasting speeds the entire process up and requires far less labor.
  • Harmful contaminants are removed when a surface is sandblasted. Oil spots and dirt in difficult-to-reach places are removed during this metal surface cleaning process.
  • There are plenty of options available that you can take advantage of when sandblasting. From using biodegradable substances like walnut shells to specially-manufactured steel grit, you can make a choice that fits the project’s needs exactly.

There are some things to be aware of with sandblasting. Because all the oxidation is removed from the process, the metal is exposed and vulnerable to any moisture in the air. This means that a dry environment is essential for sandblasting. It’s also important for sandblasting workers to stay safe and use eye protection to avoid any small particles from damaging their sight.

We hope this guide to why wheelabrating and why sandblasting are beneficial is helpful. For more than four decades, J. F. Heat Treating Inc has been a professional metallurgy and heat treatment provider. We provide a range of heat treating services to remove contaminants from your metal parts and components. Give us a call right now to learn more about our services.

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