Why Do We Need Metallurgy?

Unless you live on a remote island in the middle of the ocean, you’d be hard pressed to go for a single day without using some type of metal in one way or another. Whether it’s getting behind the wheel of your car, using your computer or cooking an egg in a frying pan, metal is everywhere!

But before consumers use a metal object, the metal must be chemically or physically altered by highly-trained specialists known as metallurgists. Because our craft tends to be widely overlooked by the general population, we put together this helpful post to explain why we use metallurgy in Gastonia, NC.

What does metallurgy entail?

Metallurgy is a vast field that includes areas like mineral processing, heat treatment, failure analysis, welding and more. Regardless of what we do to the piece, the importance of metallurgy in Gastonia, NC is that the process alters the properties of the metal to fit the customer’s needs. For example, tempering the metal makes it more flexible, while quenching makes it harder.

It’s crucial that you only hire reputable metallurgists to work with your metal items. Taking your pieces to someone who is unqualified or inexperienced won’t improve the characteristics of your metal.

Hire our team for your metallurgy needs

No matter the size of your piece or the method that needs to be undertaken, bring all of your metal products to J.F. Heat Treating Inc. These are a few reasons customers turn to us for the importance of metallurgy in Gastonia, NC:

  • Wide range of services: There’s no reason to work with different metallurgists in town to get your metal’s desired characteristics—J.F. Heat Treating Inc. is your one-stop shop. Our heat treatment and metallurgical services include aging, annealing, cleaning, hardening, normalizing, peening, tempering and quenching. There’s really nothing we can’t do! Better still, we guarantee our work on each project we take on.
  • Decades of experience: As we touched on above, you’ve got to hire an experienced team when it comes to metallurgy. That’s just what you get when you bring your pieces to J.F. Heat Treating Inc. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, tackling projects of all types and sizes. So, whether you need a piece annealed, normalized or cleaned, you know we have you covered.
  • The best equipment: In addition to our decades of experience, we’re able to provide such high-quality service because of the equipment we use. Unlike some other companies, we’re up to date with all of the latest technology. Utilizing the latest equipment doesn’t just yield better results—it also helps keep all of our employees safe while on the job.
  • Affordable pricing: Paying for cut-rate heat treatment or metallurgical services results in a shoddy metal piece that won’t perform as it should. That said, there’s no reason to overpay for these services! At J.F. Heat Treating Inc., we provide the highest-quality service at some of the most competitive rates in the area.

The choice is clear if you need any metallurgical or heat treatment services: come to J.F. Heat Treating Inc. Contact us today to learn more about why we use metallurgy in Gastonia, NC or to schedule an appointment with our specialists.

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