Things to Consider When Choosing Heat Treating

When you choose steel heat treating, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Following are the top five considerations as you work with a heat treating provider in Gastonia, NC.

Answer the why

First and foremost, you should consider why you are choosing steel heat treating in Gastonia, NC. Metals may be heat treated for a variety of reasons. The main goal, however, is to alter the physical and/or chemical properties of the metal. If this is not the ultimate goal, then steel heat treating may not be the best solution for your project.

Understand various methods

Another important concept to understand is the various methods used for heat treating. These methods produce different results. Choosing one method will make the metal softer. Choosing another will make it stronger. You may also need to choose multiple methods to achieve the desired result. The temperature, length of time and cooling method all affect the final hardness and strength of the metal. It’s important to consult with an experienced heat treating provider in Gastonia, NC to choose the best method for your needs.

Pick a goal

Once you understand the various methods available for steel heat treating, you can decide which one will help you achieve your goal. Keep in mind any potential side effects of the treatment. For example, increasing steel’s hardness can also make it more brittle, while increasing its flexibility may decrease its hardness. Decide what is ultimately most important to the quality of the steel and its use to determine which method will produce optimal results.

Heat treating and annealing: Know the difference

As you consider steel heat treating in Gastonia, NC, be sure to differentiate between annealing and heat treating. Annealing is a specific type of heat treating. It increases a metal’s ductility while decreasing its brittleness. This process can also be used to increase a metal’s homogeneous nature. This method requires the use of a specialized furnace that heats the metal to extremely high temperatures and holds it there for an extended period of time.

Realize location matters

When it comes to steel heat treating, the environment in which this process occurs is critical to the outcomes. The atmosphere has a great impact on the metal’s final qualities. For example, heating certain metals in a typical atmosphere will make the metal porous, but if you work in a vacuum, you’ll achieve a different result.

Consult with professionals

For optimal results when considering heat treating methods, work with a heat treating provider in Gastonia, NC. You can count on the experts at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. to provide professional-grade assistance for your project. We specialize in the hardening and carbonizing of various steel products in a metallurgical lab. It is our privilege to serve and work with the manufacturing and fabrication industries to give the best service available. Our heat treating services include annealing, aging, quenching and tempering to soften, harden, stress relieve, remove contaminants or provide other material characteristics to parts and components. Contact us today to get started.

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