Why You Should Use Wheelabrating

One of the most important parts of metal fabrication is preparing pieces to obtain a high-quality finish. Usually if there are problems with getting proper adherence of the paint or finish to the substrate, this is because there was improper surface preparation, or a complete lack of such preparation. Processes like shot blasting in Gastonia, NC can prevent these issues.

There are many different methods of preparing a surface for finishing, one of which is wheelabrating. A wheel blast system can take on a couple different forms. One common example is an inline system in which a conveyor carries parts through the blaster in a continuous flow. Another is a batch system in which batches of parts get placed inside a single blast cabinet. In either case, a blast wheel rotates and shoots grit toward the piece being prepped, the goal of which is to use the abrasiveness of the shot to clean off scale and rust and make sure the surface is properly prepared for painting.

Here are just a few examples of some of the primary benefits associated with using a professional wheelabrating service in Gastonia, NC:

  • Efficient: In most cases, the materials being blasted will only need to pass through the wheelabrator a single time. This makes it much easier for you to complete your work efficiently and make your deliveries on schedule.
  • Cost effective: The efficiency of wheelabrating and the fact that you can cut down on blasting media by only sending materials through the wheelabrator once makes it more cost effective than other forms of surface preparation employed before painting or coating.
  • Durable: Wheelabrators can be used to develop a wide range of profiles, and are capable of creating ideal conditions for your desired results. The products you develop as a result will be long lasting.
  • Environmentally friendly: Wheelabrating is a very eco-friendly process. The blast cabinet features a high-quality air filtration system to capture extremely small particles and recycle the steel shot used in the process. No pollutants will escape the air system without having been treated, so there is minimal to no environmental impact on the surrounding area.
  • Convenient: With wheelabrating, you won’t have to worry about on-site blasting, or applying to a municipality for blasting that might block public access. These services are designed to be as convenient and efficient as possible.
  • Save on labor: Because the process takes less time and less money, you’re also able to save quite a bit on labor expenses. There are other types of blasting that are more labor heavy, but not wheelabrating.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of wheelabrating or the circumstances in which you might find it to be a useful process for your company? We encourage you to contact J.F. Heat Treating Inc. to learn more about your options for heat treatments in Gastonia, NC. Our team of experts has significant experience in providing wheelabrating service, and will be happy to answer any questions you have for us. We look forward to working with you and delivering you cost-effective, highly efficient and long-lasting solutions for your blasting!

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