What’s the Difference Between Precipitation Hardening and Age Hardening?

Here’s the secret: this is a trick question. The fact is, precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC is simply another term for age hardening. They are two different ways to refer to the same process.

Now that we have the cleared up, let’s take a closer look at exactly what this process is.

What is precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC?

Precipitation hardening, also known as age hardening, is a method of heat treatment in Gastonia, NC that strengthens metals and alloys. It uses precipitates, or solid impurities, to achieve this strengthening. The metal is heated to form these precipitates.

Why is it called “age hardening”?

To use this process for the strengthening of metals, the alloys must be heated to high temperatures that must be maintained for several hours. Because the process takes time, it is referred to as age hardening.

What metals are used for precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC?

For age hardening, titanium, nickel and magnesium metals and alloys are good choices.

What is the process for precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC?

This process involves three steps.

  • Solution treatment: First, a solution is added to the metal while it is heated to a high temperature. This is also referred to as solutionizing. The alloy is heated and soaked until a homogeneous solution is created.
  • Quenching: Second, the metal is cooled rapidly. This generates a supersaturated solution.
  • Aging: Third, the temperature is raised again to an intermediate level, to stimulate precipitation. This temperature must be maintained for several hours to complete the process.

What conditions are required to achieve precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC?

Age hardening requires three parameters for success. There must be maximum solubility, the solubility must decrease as the temperature decreases and the maximum solubility must be greater than the alloy composition.

What are the benefits of precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC?

There are four main advantages to applying this process to metals. First, it strengthens the metal. Second, it makes the metal more resistant to wear. Third, the process makes the metal more machinable. Fourth, it can strengthen a metal part without distorting the component.

For what applications is age hardening used?

There are many industrial applications that make use of precipitation hardening in Gastonia, NC. This method is used to treat aircraft parts, to strengthen turbine blades, fasteners and molding dies, to harden engine parts and gears and to strengthen metals such as nickel and aluminum for a variety of uses.

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