What Are the Benefits of Tempering?

Before your metal component is installed, it must go through several steps. Perhaps the most important step—whether you’re building a skyscraper or a cell phone—is the tempering process. This method of heat treatment offers enormous benefits to certain types of metal. The benefits of steel tempering in Gastonia, NC, for example, can make the difference in your final product.

What is tempering?

The melting point of steel is an astounding 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. To put that in perspective, paper burns to ash at a measly 451 degrees Fahrenheit. That exceptionally high melting point allows professionals to enact chemical change in nearly any kind of metal. Of course, those benefits are especially pronounced in steel components.

Any shape

Your heat treatment process will begin by heating your steel part to a specific temperature below its melting point. This softens the steel enough so it can be shaped to meet practically any need.

Acquiring the perfect shape isn’t always a matter of heating your steel piece to one uniform temperature. Sometimes, your steel part will need to be heated to several temperatures before it can be effectively formed into the shape you want.

Increased strength

Once your steel part is heated to the right temperature, it is bathed in a constant flow of heat until the internal chemical structure of the component is changed irrevocably. Herein lies one of the most essential benefits of tempering steel in Gastonia, NC: increased strength. Once your steel has been heated, tempered and cooled, it becomes incredibly strong. Tempered steel is able to withstand much more force and weight than conventional steel.

Increased durability

Another compelling reason to put steel components through the heat treating process is the added durability of the part. The average business owner may not worry too much about the shelf life of steel, but it’s worth considering, especially when you factor in the impact of the elements on your steel component. In short, when you install a new steel piece, you want to make sure it will stand the test of time. Steel tempering is an excellent way to make sure your steel lasts as long as possible.


Tempering isn’t the only process that can be used to shape and strengthen steel components. Annealing is also quite popular. Of course, when the two methods are compared, tempered steel comes out stronger and harder. Perhaps more importantly, tempering steel is a much quicker process. That translates to valuable time saved in terms of productivity.

Your tempering allies

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