Maintain Stronger Components in 2017 Using Metallurgical Services in Gastonia, NC

Metallurgical services help heavy equipment and product manufacturing. From truck components to the smallest screws in your machinery, we offer the treatments needed to make them durable. If you’ve never hired us for metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC before, here is what we can do for your manufacturing outfit:

  • Test parts: The failure of one small part can stop a day’s work. When you discover something is not working, and it is only one part that causes the issue, you need to contact us at once to test it so you can solve the problem. It is also possible that a part used in your products has been compromised, and you need to make sure it is just that part and not your entire inventory. We can test these items and help you with informed decisions.
  • Investigate failures: When there is an accident or equipment failure, you want to understand why. That is also true for insurance companies and attorneys when there are injuries resulting from the failure. We can test parts and reveal the defects that lead to the issue. This makes it easier to complete insurance claims and pay settlements. You need complete answers at these challenging times, and that is what we provide.
  • Quality control: When you use heavy equipment or manufacture items that people rely on heavily, you need to make decisions regarding materials. This is easier if you test for quality first. Through a series of tests, we can determine whether the material you are considering offers the strength and characteristics you desire. If defects are minor, we can perform other tests to see if there is the possibility of improvement.
  • Assessing reuse: Heavy equipment failures are expensive in more ways than one. That is why it is a relief when components can be parted out and cut your losses. Testing marketable parts first helps reveal if they are safe and meet quality standards. If we determine that reuse is impossible, we can move forward with assessing recycling value. Scrap metal can bring in money, too, which also reduces your losses.
  • Purity determination: If you work in food industries, including brewing, your materials must meet purity levels. Machines used for preparing consumables cannot become contaminated, or you risk an epidemic within your customer base. Metallurgical services can determine whether metal becomes a porous breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Depending on the damage, surfaces may need replacement, but often, repair is a possibility.
  • Heat treatment: Many of these tests reveal that material can be improved. That means you did not waste money purchasing or manufacturing it. You just need to adjust it. Heat treatment allows that to occur. Going through a process of furnace hardening, selective hardening and cleaning services can improve the operation of your products and machinery.

You need quality, purity and durability for machinery and heavy equipment parts to be reliable. To preserve the best functioning of your equipment, consider metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC from J.F. Heat Treating Inc. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer.

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