Heat Treatment in Gastonia, NC Remains Important

There is an unfortunate tendency for people to believe that metallurgy and metal work are obsolete skills. It seems as if most consumer and industrial products are made of plastic, and stories of the steel industry’s struggles seem to make it appear obsolete. However, plastic has not replaced all materials, and heat treatment remains important for many industries. In fact, it continues to make modernity possible! Here are five reasons why heat treatment in Gastonia, NC remains relevant and effective:

  • Many useful items require it: Heat treatment is how humans were able to advance from stone tools to metal implements. There are very few technological gadgets that do not contain heated treated components. From smart phones to airplanes, our modern life could not function without heat treatment. Besides advanced components, scissors, knives, axes and other cutting tools do not come into being without heat treated metal.
  • Heat treatment itself is a major industry: Services providing heat treatment add value to metal at approximately $15 billion per year. No metal is manufactured with exact specifications in mind. It must be changed to fulfill its application. In fact, steel accounts for about 80 percent of heat treating. It must be welded, machined, rolled, and stamped to become an end product. Without heat treating, many of these manufacturing methods would be impossible. That keeps heat treatment in demand, not only as a method, but also as a major industry.
  • This is a science: Heat treatment receives extensive academic attention. You can find master theses on it and seminars all over the country on perfecting its techniques. ASM International is the membership organization for heat treaters, and it publishes research and development studies. This is a skill that demands continued learning and often improves as technology advances. That keeps the skill relevant as well as necessary.
  • New methods go into practice: In addition to study, there is also practice. When there are new methods or techniques, it is expected that technicians will use them. Once the focus was on steel and the automotive industry, and later, ASM International expanded to include other manufacturing sectors. This lead to widespread improvements in heat treatment techniques and better materials.
  • Heat treatment is exact: When you hire a heat treatment shop, you can expect expertise and attention to detail. The three-step process of heat treatment is basic: heat material to a certain temperature, hold it and cool the material at a rate appropriate for the application. Methods for heating always evolve to allow more control. Furnace control systems are among the best advancements for those working in this area. There is better mastery of cooling processes, too, so not only is there attention to detail, but a better way of measuring it too. Heat treatment continues to improve in accuracy and efficiency.

If you have components in need of heat treatment in Gastonia, NC, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. is here for you. Call us today to take advantage of more than 37 years of experience so you can create the best products.

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