Which Industries Use Metallurgy in Gastonia, NC?

Metallurgy is a complex field of work, but its applications and benefits are easy to see. In fact, any machine that uses gears or metals to work likely owes its existence to metallurgy. If you are curious about using metallurgy in Gastonia, NC but are not sure if your industry could benefit from it, it is important to keep in mind that heat treatment, annealing and other metallurgic practices have diverse and wide-ranging effects. Here is just a sample of the many different industries that metallurgy plays a role in improving:

  • Aerospace: From the commercial flight you take on vacation to the rovers currently exploring other planets, aerospace technology owes a lot to the practice of metallurgy. All the complex gears and switches, as well as the mass of the plane or ship itself, are shaped and formed by metallurgy professionals.
  • Hand tools: That simple hammer you use to hang up pictures in your home is likely made using metallurgy, as is the wrench you use to work on your car’s engine. Beyond that, hand drills, welding equipment and more are all made possible through metallurgy in Gastonia, NC, as well.
  • Medical equipment: Inside of every complex piece of medical equipment you have encountered, there are hundreds of small parts that work together to make the machine work, and many of those parts have been through the heat treatment process. In fact, there are many patients out there who owe their lives to the science of metallurgy.
  • Electronics: From your simple clock radio to your computer, television or surround sound system, few electronics would exist today without the development of heat treatment and annealing. Our company is proud to offer our services to electronic manufacturers of all kinds.
  • Landscaping: When you think about your backyard or garden, you likely don’t think of heat treatment or metallurgy. But our business has produced thousands of parts for the home and garden industry, for everything from leaf blowers to power lawn mowers.
  • Novelty products: The telescope in your child’s bedroom, the ATV you ride around in on the weekend and numerous other products on the market thanks to metallurgic services have likely touched your recreational life in countless ways. Though people tend to think about metallurgy in terms of crucial machinery, our company is happy to take on novelty and recreational work as well.
  • Transportation: Finally, metallurgy plays a large role in transportation, particularly automotive transportation. That means that the car, bus, or train you take to work or school likely includes parts that have been through the heat treating process. Bikes, boats and trolleys also often use metallurgic parts.

Whatever industry you work in, it can likely be made better and more efficient through partnering with a high quality heat treatment company. If you or your business are planning to contract work for metallurgy in Gastonia, NC, we hope you will consider hiring J.F. Heat Treating Inc. for the job. We look forward to working with you.

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