6 Benefits to Using Induction Hardening in Gastonia, NC

If you are looking into metal hardening, you might be wondering whether flame hardening or induction hardening in Gastonia, NC is the right way to go. While there are several different benefits and drawbacks to each type of hardening, many people are drawn to induction hardening due to its low environmental impact, extended product life and high rate of consistency. If you are trying to decide if induction hardening is right for your project, read over these six benefits to using induction hardening in Gastonia, NC to gain a better understanding of the process:

  • Extended product life: One large benefit of induction hardening is that it is very localized, meaning it is able to zero in on the exact part of the product that needs heating. Because of this, the heat doesn’t go anywhere it is not needed, preserving the overall integrity of your product and giving it a longer life than it might otherwise have.
  • Environmentally friendly: Induction hardening is environmentally friendly in two key ways: it doesn’t burn fossil fuels, and it maintains a cleaner work environment. The former is important because the earth has limited resources; the latter is important because it will keep your employees healthy and happy. Whatever reason you have to be environmentally friendly, induction hardening is the right choice.
  • Lower energy costs: As is usually the case with the more environmentally friendly option, induction hardening is also the option that will save you the most money in energy costs. Induction hardening converts 90 percent of the energy it uses into heat, whereas other forms of hardening might only use about 45 percent of the total energy emitted.
  • Higher quality product: For the same reason that induction hardening will give you a longer lasting product, it will also give you a more high quality one. A product with as little heat damage as possible will of course be a better choice for your company, and for the consumer.
  • High consistency: With induction hardening, consistency will be easy to achieve. That is because, once you set up the right specifications for a certain project, it is easy to simply repeat the same function over and over again, until you have enough of whatever part you need. And when you hire a professional for the job, the consistency will be as perfect as possible.
  • High productivity: Finally, induction hardening in Gastonia, NC is also the right choice for anyone who values high productivity. This is partly true for the same reason induction hardening is great for consistency: once set up, the process is easily repeatable. Induction hardening’s high productivity is also due to the fact that there is almost no time required for “warming up” or “cooling down,” as opposed to how it is with other hardening methods.

If you still have questions or concerns about potential benefits of induction hardening, or would like to learn about alternative methods, please get in touch with J.F. Heat Treating Inc. We’ll work hard to give you the most affordable and high quality induction hardening services available.

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