Is Heat Treatment Outdated?

As technology takes over, metallurgy and heat treatment in Gastonia, NC dwindle in importance—or so it may be assumed. While it is true that heat treatment and other metal work have ancient roots, this sector remains essential for modern society. Heat treatment is not outdated—in fact, it just keeps improving as technology does as well. Here are four reasons why heat treating will never slip into obscurity.

1. Modernity depends on heat treatment.

Human advances from ancient times to the present day depend on heat treating. It started when ancient humans heat-treated stone to first form tools. Now, heat-treated components are essential for computers, aircraft and automobiles. Even your smart phone contains heat-treated parts.

Besides advanced components, heat treating is also necessary for those often overlooked but badly needed items we use each day. Knives, axes and other cutting tools, even scissors, depend on heat treating to hold an edge.

2. Heat treating is a major industry.

Heat treating services add value to metal products to the tune of $15 billion per year. The truth of the matter is, no metal is manufactured to specifications the first time around. It needs to be changed in order to fulfill its application.

Steel, which remains a vital industry, comprises about 80 percent of heat treating. It is subject to a series of welding, machining, rolling and stamping techniques in order to serve its end purpose. Without any heat treating, most steel is unlikely to be usable. For that reason, heat treating is a major industry now and will always be in demand.

3. Heat treating receives extensive academic attention.

Heat treating is science! Like many other similar subjects, its processes and effects receive extensive study. ASM International, a membership organization for heat treaters, publishes research and development studies. Any skill or method that encourages learning, and improves as technology advances, will likely remain relevant.

4. Heat treating evolves with knowledge.

The industry does not just study its issues and publish reports. It also acts on them. Once, heat treating membership organizations were limited to steel and the automobile industry. However, industry leaders realized that such a perspective did not serve them. The umbrella of ASM International expanded and now, leaders from numerous industries with heat treating in common can collaborate on ideas.

The heat treating three-step process remains basic: heat to a certain temperature, hold it there and cool the metal at a rate appropriate for its application. However, methods for getting there have always advanced. Furnace control systems are among the biggest advancements, as that means better mastery of the heating and cooling processes. The measures focused on right now include automatic temperature control for heat treating furnaces. This is expected to increase accuracy and efficiency.

If you work in heavy equipment or machinery, you likely know the role heat treatment in Gastonia, NC plays in keeping your operations running smoothly. Now you can rest assured that not only will our services at J.F. Heat Treating Inc remain in demand, but our methods will evolve and advance as well. Contact us today to benefit from the latest heat treatment has to offer.

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