What Is Normalizing?

Many manufacturing companies perform processes that improve the characteristics of metals. Normalizing is a common process that can vastly benefit a product. The following text explains what normalizing is, how it works, and the best time to do it. 

What Is Normalizing?

Normalizing is one of several heat treatment processes for metals. In this process, the engineer heats the metal to a high temperature and then allows it to cool in the open air at room temperature. It differs from the process of annealing, which uses furnace cooling. The process is supposed to make the metal stronger but more pliable so that manufacturers can use it for various projects. 

How Is Metal Strengthened?

The normalizing process has three stages to it. During the first stage, the engineer heats the metal to a temperature that’s hot enough to relieve some of the internal stress. During the second stage, the person heats the metal to its recrystallization point but not the entire way to the melting point. The recrystallization point is typically one-half of the melting point. 

The third stage in this process is when the metal cools in the open air. New grains start to form beforehand, and the result is a sturdy and ductile metal product at the end of the process. 

The Benefits of Normalizing

Many benefits come from the normalizing process. One advantage is that it changes the properties of steel enough to boost its tensile strength and yield point. It also makes it harder and stronger than annealed steel. Another benefit of normalizing is that it’s a less expensive process than some of the others. The cooling process occurs outside of a furnace and in the open air, which saves money from running the furnace for more extended periods. 

A vast assortment of metals can be normalized. The ones that qualify for normalization include aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and various nickel-based alloys. Furthermore, a variety of industries use the process of normalization, and the top industries that use it are the automotive and nuclear sectors. If you don’t know when to normalize metal, you can use a general rule and do it anytime other processes cause a high level of stress.

Who To Call if You Need Your Metal Treated

You can contact an outside company to help you with normalizing your metal. It would be wise to seek a company with tenure that focuses on the various processes involving heating metal. J.F. Heat Treating Inc is a provider that offers a distinct set of metal-changing services. They can perform operations that harden, soften, decontaminate, or relieve stress.

It might be helpful to contact an establishment like this and inquire about the services they provide and the pricing options you have as a new client. You might get caught off guard in a positive way. 

You now understand the process of normalizing and when the best time is to incorporate it. You can normalize your metals by contacting a respectable company and asking them to help you with the process. 

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