Heat Treating in the Automotive Industry

Auto part heat treating is crucial to automotive manufacturing. Heat treating automotive parts gives various components the qualities they need to deliver strength and safety. Consider the following parts and how heat treating is used to make them solid and reliable.


Auto part heat treating is used to produce optimal case depth for gears. It is also important to create high compressive stresses on the gears. Several methods of heat treating are used to accomplish these goals and harden gears to prepare them for service. Flame hardening is frequently used for processing gear teeth. Lasers are also used for the hardening of gears. Another common method is induction. This may be accomplished with a single or dual frequency method.

Seatbelt clasp

Seatbelt clasps are typically made of carbon steel. These parts are hardened, quenched and tempered to achieve the appropriate hardness for maximum safety. Technicians complete this hardening process using continuous atmosphere furnaces. Post hardening, an oil quench is performed, then a wash. Afterwards, the clasp is plated.

Ball bearings

Because ball bearings must carry an equal load, they must all be the same size. Precision in their creation is crucial. To achieve this level of accuracy, several finishing operations are applied to ball bearings. First, they are descaled, then they undergo hard grinding. This process can produce extremely close diameter tolerances. After these processes are complete, lapping and other finishing occurs.

Sun visor hardware

While these parts are not as crucial to the safety and operation of a vehicle as some other components, they have become an integral part of automotive production. Not only do visors improve driving conditions by reducing glare, but they also act as key storage areas for vehicle owners. Accessing items behind visors has become a part of the daily driving process. As a result, the creation of reliable hardware for these components is important. To treat this hardware, technicians use thermal processing. This is followed by cleaning treatment, then testing for appropriate surface hardness.

Aluminum components

Automotive manufacturers are striving to advance their designs to make lighter vehicles that are more fuel efficient. Heat treating technology is helping with this process. Aluminum heat treating helps to make this advanced automotive construction a reality.

Reliable results

For mass production of automobiles, manufacturers need reliable results. Auto part heat treating can deliver these results. With precision methods, technicians can create precision parts. These provide increased safety, reduced costs and more reliable vehicles for the company and the consumer.

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