Benefits of Metal Testing for Manufacturing

Metal testing is an important part of the manufacturing process in a wide variety of industries. This involves taking a metal, alloy or non-metal used in a product and analyzing it to make sure it adheres to federal standards. This process can also check for the presence of toxic materials.

There are many things that can be revealed during metallurgical analysis testing in Gastonia, NC. Here are some of the secrets that can be discovered through metal testing when you work with an experienced and qualified team.

Find the flaws

If a metal is flawed, it cannot be used in manufacturing. Flaws like cracks or deformations in the metal are a couple examples that can be found through metal testing. These conditions and others would automatically disqualify a metal from being used for manufacturing purposes.

Check the soundness

Along the same lines as finding flaws, metal testing can be used to check the soundness of a metal. This testing looks for cracks, cavities or shrinkages. This is important because if a metal is unsound, it can lead to failure in manufacturing or use. Metal testing will find these flaws before the manufacturing process begins.

Assure compliance with standards

Regulatory bodies have certain safety standards that need to be met when using metal parts. Examples include evidence of toxic materials like lead or mercury. Metal testing in Gastonia, NC can help determine if these standards will be met in your manufacturing process.

Determine weather resistance

Metal needs to be weather resistant. This is especially true for metals that are used for industrial and manufacturing purposes. For example, a metal may corrode or even disintegrate in a certain type of climate over time. Metal testing can identify these characteristics and which, if any, types of climate might be harmful to a metal.

Testing for corrosion

A metal that corrodes easily cannot be relied upon for structures of any kind. Metal testing can include corrosion tests to see if this is an issue with your metal. This will help determine how much your metal can be used in manufacturing.

Load bearing capacity

Sometimes a metal has to adhere to specific load bearing capacities. Metal testing in Gastonia, NC can help determine if your metal will meet these specifications. There are several specific tests that can be run in order to determine the fatigue point of a metal, and the results will allow you to categorize how and where each metal can be used in the manufacturing process.

Trust an experienced professional

When you need a company to provide professional metal testing, it pays to look for an experienced, professional firm that can handle all of your needs with confidence. The team at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. has been the go-to source for all types of heat treating and metal testing services in the area since 1980. If you’re looking for the best metallurgical analysis testing in Gastonia, NC, or any type of heating, aging, cleaning or hardening services, get in touch with us today.

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