Is Heat Treating Necessary?

So much goes into keeping your business running. There is such a seemingly endless number of costs and time constraints that you may wonder whether heat treating in Gastonia, NC is worth the resources it would eat up.

For those who may not know, heat treatment is the process by which metal parts are subjected to calculated bursts of heat. The goal is to improve the durability and resistance of these parts. Heat treatment is usually accomplished in one of two ways: annealing or case hardening. Annealing is designed to change the structure of the metal part through and through. Case hardening, meanwhile, forges the outer layers of your metal part into a tough shell that makes it scratch and dent resistant.

You might think that your metal components and parts are tough enough already, but heat treating can have enormous benefits.

Make welding a breeze

Steel is one of the most common metals for which heat treatment is used. When it’s subjected to the right combination of heat treating, steel becomes more cohesive and more pliable. This allows machinists and welders working with the part to accomplish their goals without worrying about interior flaws and stresses in the metal.

Tougher doesn’t have to mean harder

Heat treating in Gastonia, NC can definitely be used to make metal harder, but that’s not the only purpose. Heat treatment can make steel, for example, much softer. This makes the metal more flexible without sacrificing the strength for which it’s known.

Increase scratch resistance

Want to make sure that your metal part will stand the test of time? Case hardening can be employed to give your metal piece a tough outer shell, without compromising the flexibility at the core of the part. That means your part can stand up to external stresses and still rebuff potential scratches and dents with ease.

Improve your performance

Everything from the gears in your car to the blade of a circular saw can benefit from heat treating. Heat treatment can ensure that constantly-used parts (like gears) will keep their shape and perform as expected time and time again. This same principle is applied to cutting tools. When they’re subjected to periods of heat treatment, the blades of these tools are much tougher and capable of retaining their sharpness for the long haul.

Your heat treatment ally

These are just a handful of the benefits of heat treating in Gastonia, NC. This process can be used on a massive variety of metal parts for industries that range from traditional machining to aerospace applications. If you’d like to discover the full array of applications for which metal heat treating can be used, come to J.F. Heat Treating Inc.

For 40 years and counting, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. has cultivated a reputation for first-rate customer service and top-quality workmanship. Whether you need quenching, tempering, case hardening, peening, normalizing or another service, one of our highly-skilled technicians can identify your needs and move forward rapidly. Your total satisfaction is our top priority.

Visit us online or give us a call today to find out what J.F. Heat Treating Inc. can do for you!

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