Why Metal Heat Treatment in Gastonia, NC Is Necessary

Are you wondering why so much effort is put into heating metals? These processes can require quite a bit of time, money, space and other resources. So, what’s the big deal? What is the purpose of metal heat treatment in Gastonia, NC?

The main reason for heat treatment is to achieve metal hardening in Gastonia, NC. These heating processes transform metals in ways that no other treatments can. Following are a few of the most common methods of heat treatment in Gastonia and the results they produce.

Metal Hardening

When metal is heated, it can become harder and more durable than it was before the heat treatment. When the metal reaches a critical temperature, it is transformed. Once cooled, the metal becomes a stronger structure, capable of tougher performance. This can prove valuable in a variety of applications. When the strongest metals are needed, metal hardening in Gastonia, NC can be used to provide the hardened material desired.

Metal Quenching

Once metal is heated, it can be cooled quickly to transform it into a hardened structure. This process is called metal quenching. The metal can be quenched with water, oil or other liquids. The cooling must happen at a rate that is fast enough to effectively transform the metal. The quenching “freezes” the metal’s microstructure at the state it achieved during heating, effectively changing and enhancing its final properties to create a harder and more durable metal material.

Metal Tempering

Once metals are hardened, they may undergo tempering to further improve their strength and reduce brittleness. After they are quenched, this process is necessary to relieve any stress produced by the quenching and to temper the level of hardness to reach the desired range. To do this, a technician reheats the metal at low temperatures. The exact temperature and the length of the heating process are controlled to develop the desired properties for the metal. The final result is a metal that has the level of hardness and strength desired for its application.

Metal Experts

Of course, these processes can’t be completed by just anyone. For effective metal hardening in Gastonia, NC, one must have the proper knowledge, skills and equipment to perform heat treatment in Gastonia, NC. Technicians must be trained in these techniques, which require practice to perfect. Once they know the methods to use and have developed the skill to perform them, technicians can effectively and efficiently work with metals to heat, quench and temper to develop a full range of materials for a variety of products.

We Know Metal

When you need local experts for heat treatment in Gastonia, NC, contact the professionals at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. Family owned and operated, our company offers more than 30 years of experience. We specialize in the hardening and carbonizing of various steel products in a metallurgical lab. Our team works with manufacturing and fabrication industries to produce leading products through superior service. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your next metal hardening project in Gastonia, NC.

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