Carburizing: Why Do We Do It, and What Are the Benefits?

Are you familiar with carburizing in Gastonia, NC? If you’re like most people, you simply take for granted the metals that make up the products and structures around you. You assume they are tough, durable and will continue to perform as you expect them to. You probably don’t realize the process that went into making these metals the reliable materials that they are.

One of the methods used to create strong metals is carburizing in Gastonia, NC. Following are the FAQs on this process to help you familiarize yourself with the treatment method. You might be surprised at the many applications of this process and just how many objects around you every day have undergone this treatment.

What is carburizing?

Also called case hardening, carburizing in Gastonia, NC is a heat treatment process. It is used to strengthen metals. While the exterior becomes resistant to wear, the strength of the core is maintained.

What does the process of carburizing look like?

To carburize components, technicians heat them in a sealed atmosphere furnace or a pit furnace. They expose the material to carburizing gases in the furnace for a required time period. After the appropriate amount of exposure, the material is cooled slowly, then hardened or quenched in oil. Hot oil quenching offers the advantage of minimizing distortion. However, not all products can undergo this process.

What metals can undergo carburizing?

This treatment can be applied to high alloy steel bearings, low-carbon steel parts, gears and other components after machining.

What are the benefits of carburizing in Gastonia, NC?

By carburizing the metal, technicians increase the strength of the material. It is stronger and more resistant to wear and tear. The carbon diffused on the surface creates increased strength on the surface while maintaining a lesser hardness at the core. This treatment can be applied to intricate and complex shapes to make their production easier and more cost effective. Gears and other components of extremely small size can be carburized to increase their strength.

What are the practical applications of carburizing in Gastonia, NC?

Carburizing in Gastonia, NC creates metals that offer a tough surface. Carburized components are ideal for machine parts. Gears, bolts and axles are often carburized. The process offers a great solution to create wear-resistant metals for tough, long-lasting parts.

Who can perform carburizing in Gastonia, NC?

Proper knowledge of metals, the process and the desired outcomes are essential for safe, effective carburizing in Gastonia, NC. Only trained professionals should attempt this process. It also requires the appropriate equipment and the knowledge to operate this machinery.

Where Can I Find an Expert at Carburizing in Gastonia, NC?

The professionals at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. offer in-depth knowledge and experience at carburizing in Gastonia, NC. We specialize in the hardening and carburizing of various steel products in a metallurgical lab. It is our privilege to service and work with the manufacturing and fabrication industries to produce the best products and service available! Contact us today to get started on your next project.

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