What to Expect from Standard Heat Treatment in Gastonia, NC

These days, metal materials are used across industries for a variety of applications, from the construction of towering skyscrapers to the development of complex mechanical systems. These metal components undergo a significant amount of wear and tear during the time that they are in use, so it’s important that they are as strong and durable as possible. Metal fabricators have reinforced the strength of metal parts and made it easier to work with through heat treatment processes. It’s important to understand a little bit about the process of heat treatment in Gastonia, NC so that you know what to expect from this process and you can make the best choice about where to have heat treatment done.

Heat treatment basics

In essence, heat treatment is a process that’s used to change the microscopic structure of metal materials through heating and cooling. Changing the structure of metals can make it easier to work with, more durable, longer lasting and more efficient for a number of applications. Depending on the temperature that the metal is heated to and how quickly it is cooled, the results will be different. Heat treatment companies understand the way these factors change outcomes and use them to improve hardness, strength, ductility, toughness and resistance to corrosion, depending on the application.

Working with a heat treatment company

It’s important that you understand what you can expect when working with a company that provides heat treatment in Gastonia, NC. Most heat treatment companies work with several kinds of metals, including steel, iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Different heat treatment processes will result in different changes to the properties of different metals. The basic kinds of metal heat treatments are annealing, polymer quenching and tempering, solution treatment and normalizing. Because so many of the metal components that undergo heat treatment are used in large pieces of equipment and machinery, most heat treatment companies have the capacity to handle large, heavy metal components. They may have equipment capable of lifting several tons, with large treatment furnaces that are nearly 50 feet high.

After you have your metal treated, you can expect several positive results. Through stress relieving heat treatment—a process by which metal is heated, held at a high temperature and then gradually cooled—metal parts become longer lasting, more efficient for machining and more effective. In order to effectively alter the properties of metal parts, a heat treatment company must have reliable methods to measure temperatures and time heating and cooling cycles.

Learn more about heat treatment in Gastonia, NC

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