What Exactly Is Normalizing?

Normalizing metal products involves heating the metal up to extremely high temperatures before cooling it down to air temperature without the aid of a furnace. Normalization is a type of heat treatment similar to annealing. Annealing, normalization and other heat treatments are beneficial processes that help you increase the strength and resilience of your metallic substances.

Normalization and annealing processes are sometimes confused for one another, and for good reason—in some instances, the processes are actually identical. You should consult with an expert in heat treating in Gastonia, NC to learn more about annealing and normalization, and to determine which process is right for you and your metal.

While heat treating in Gastonia, NC may not be suitable for each and every metal application, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider investing in normalization. Here are just a few reasons why normalization is a beneficial process:

  • Removes stresses: If metal is worked while cold, or if it cools in a non-uniform manner, it develops stresses that adversely affect its overall usefulness. Normalizing metal reduces and eliminates these stresses by heating the metal to a point where its physical microstructure changes, and then allowing it to cool uniformly in a controlled environment.
  • Refines the grain structure: If the grain structure of your metal has become coarse due to hot working, normalizing metal can help you refine it and make it into a finer grain material. Finer grain metals have higher levels of toughness, and are more likely to withstand higher amounts of pressure, and are less susceptible to damage. In many instances, you want your grain structure as fine as possible.
  • Increases ductility: Normalized metal is less hard and more ductile, which means that is able to withstand higher amounts of tensile stress. Highly ductile metal can be stretched out thinly without becoming brittle or weaker in the process. Heat treating metal can make your metal products more versatile. Many metals with naturally high levels of ductility, like platinum, are extremely expensive, so normalizing can save money.
  • Modifies magnetic properties: Because normalizing metal actually changes the chemical and physical properties of metal, it changes its magnetic properties. If you are hoping to remove or change a metal’s magnetic properties, you should consult with an expert specializing in heat treating in Gastonia, NC. Metal that has been heat treated to certain degrees will lose its magnetic charge entirely.

J.F. Heat Treating, Inc. is one of the most trusted providers of heat treating in Gastonia, NC. We are proud to provide each and every one of our clients with high-quality heat treatment services that leave your metal products stronger and more effective than ever. Our expert technicians can help you identify with type of heat treatment procedure is right for your metal and your applications.

No matter what you use your metallic objects for, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. has the heat treating processes available that can help you make the most of them. Contact a member of our talented and dedicated team today!

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