Four Secrets to Mastering the Art of Metal Heat Treating in Gastonia, NC

If you’ve never had metal heat treating services performed in Gastonia, NC, you might be curious about what they entail and what makes a professional an expert in the field.

Discover more about the process and learn the tools and tips of the trade that metal heat treating companies put to use to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge and provide the best service for their customers.

What is metal heat treating?

Metal heat treating is the controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. The metals that a professional will work with typically belong to parts and machines. Heat treating professionals follow these four tips when performing their jobs:

  • A professional will know what techniques to use inside and out: Along with knowing what technique to use and when, an experienced metal heat treating professional will know the nuances of various treatments in relation to each other to help the customer achieve the best results possible. As an example, if a customer has a limited budget for heat treatment and annealing or quenching is a possibility, a professional in the field will know if quenching—which is less expensive than annealing and can be performed using oil, water or other materials—would be a suitable option to suggest to the customer.
  • A professional will aim to improve results over the long term: A metal heat treating expert will make sure they fully understand what the customer is looking to achieve with the part or machine after a treatment is performed. They will view this work as an important solution to help the customer to produce better results in the long term, and not simply as a quick fix.
  • A professional will continually work to enhance their skills: The top professionals in this field view understanding the latest techniques and technologies as essential to their work. At J.F. Heat Treating Inc., our membership in ASM International and MTI allows us to build our skills and stay up to date.
  • A professional will know the latest trends and up-to-date information: A metal heat treating professional will have a broad view of the profession and how they can achieve continued success by paying attention to trends and patterns. Many metal heat treating professionals, for example, are likely aware that recent studies indicate that the automotive industry will be a major customer of heat treating services in the next several years. An increased demand for vehicles will mean that automotive companies will have a greater need for these services.

If you find that your company could benefit from metal heat treating in Gastonia, NC, turn to the experts at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. We are a family-owned and -operated business with more than 37 years of experience and are proud to offer a wide variety of metal heat treating services, including annealing, aging, quenching and tempering to soften, harden, stress relieve, remove contaminants or provide other material characteristics to parts and components. We can work with a large array of metals, parts and machines in our professional lab. Contact us today to set up an appointment for service or to learn more about what we do!

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