Understanding Induction Hardening in Gastonia, NC

Metal heat treatment includes a wide variety of processes that have numerous important applications for all sorts of products. Depending on the specific item or product that is being heat treated, different types of treatment will be used. There are heat treatments that change the physical properties of the metal that’s being treated to become softer or harder, more or less brittle, stronger or more pliable and more. For some applications, induction hardening in Gastonia, NC offers an excellent option when it comes to reinforcing the strength of a metal component through heat treatment.

During the process of induction hardening, the metal component is placed in a water-cooled copper coil. Alternating currents are then applied to the coil, which alters the temperature of the metal component to a level above its transformation temperature. The parts that are being treated are then held at that temperature for a specific amount of time based on the specific hardness level that has to be achieved. Once the metal component has been heated for a sufficient amount of time, it is quenched in some sort of cooling medium such as oil.

The advantages and applications of induction hardening

Induction hardening is a useful method of metal heat treatment that can offer many useful benefits. For one thing, specific areas and parts of metal components can be targeted for hardening through this method. Only the part that needs to be hardened is heated, which means that specific parts can be hardened precisely based on different hardness needs of the component. Induction hardening in Gastonia, NC is also beneficial since it is such a calculated method of heat treatment. The amount of time that the metal is heated can be altered depending on the desired level of hardness depth to ensure that it is in the ideal state for its application.

There are many different types of components and parts that are treated through induction hardening in Gastonia, NC. It is most common for steel parts to be treated through this method of heat treatment, but copper alloys can also be hardened through the induction method. The induction hardening process is used for things like pinion shafts, bearing races, a variety of gears, heavy-duty wheels and tread and threaded pipe. These parts that are hardened through induction can be used for things like construction equipment and even oil drilling. Through the use of induction hardening, steel components can be hardened to increase their ability to withstand the rigors of their intended use.

Induction hardening in Gastonia, NC

Induction hardening is just one method of heat treatment that can be used for steel and other metal components. If you need assistance with metal heat treatment for your metal components, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. can help you out with just what you need. Whether it’s induction hardening or any number of heat treatment methods, we are experienced in providing the best services possible to our customers. We would love to work with you to achieve the highest possible performance of your parts and machinery.

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