Your Guide to Case Hardening in Gastonia, NC

Case hardening is one of the most common and useful heat treatment options for steel. Sure, you may know this powerful process is a vital tool in strengthening the exterior of steel, but do you actually know what exactly it involves or why it is so important?

To put it simply, case hardening is the process of adding carbon to the outer layer of a steel component. This results in a thermonuclear reaction that ionizes the carbon, which forms an extremely durable and strong barrier on the exterior. One of the biggest differences between case hardening and other types of metallurgical processes is the fact that it is only applied to the surface level of the shell. This highly specialized technique creates an extremely resilient barrier with an incredibly shallow depth. It’s the perfect option for objects that need to be hardened externally in order to endure wear and tear, while also remaining soft enough internally to withstand extended shock due to use.

Case hardening in Gastonia, NC can be used for a variety of different applications, including:

  • Firearms: This is one of the most common uses for case hardening. Firearms require accuracy in machining and a higher hardness in order to perform the necessary function. Slides on certain types of guns are also regularly case hardened to prevent any accidental malfunction due to regular usage in addition to wear and tear.
  • Manufacturing: Case hardening is also used for manufacturing, frequently for the tool and die in addition to punches and reamers. It’s also used in the stamping process, as these intense applications are among the only ones strong enough to protect these items while they’re sustaining what is often extreme usage in manufacturing.
  • Automotive parts: A variety of automotive parts can also benefit from the added resilience only possible as a result of case hardening in Gastonia, NC. Gears, valve parts and numerous other parts of the engines can be hardened with this process that will keep them performing well even under the duress of regular to extended usage.
  • Tools: Drills, shears, chisels, saws and screwdrivers can all be subjected to hardening in order to improve their performance. This helps your tools and equipment perform more reliably over an extended period of time.

As you can see, case hardening in Gastonia, NC is a valuable tool for strengthening steel components that are used regularly or under extreme pressure. It’s a permanent process, so you’ll be able to reap the benefits of case hardening for years to come. At J.F. Heat Treating Inc., we offer both flame and induction hardening, so you have the option to affect as much or as little of the product. We utilize the safest, most cutting edge equipment to offer you the most high quality metallurgy services in the industry. To learn more about the case hardening process, or to speak with one of our experts about your upcoming project, please get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you!

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