Understanding Metallurgy in Gastonia, NC and the Industries That Use It

Metal: You can find it just about everywhere. It’s an important material used in the construction of vehicles, it’s a part of building support and we see metal on light poles and street signs. But, what is metallurgy in Gastonia, NC, and which industries use it today?

Truth is, the term “metallurgy” may sound like a complicated and confusing thing, unless you work in the industry. So try thinking of it this way—it’s the science of dealing in the uses and modifications of metals from its birth to final form, and repairs and replacements after that. Common types of metal alloys used include aluminum, copper, steel, iron and nickel, and each alloy has its place in the world of metallurgy depending on what application is being undertaken.

Here are some industries that use and benefit from a variety of metallurgical practices:

  • Tools: There’s one big thing that all those tools in your toolbox and work shed have in common: they are made of metal. From the metal hammer heads that drive nails into other materials to that screwdriver you use to tighten up loose doorknobs around the house, your personal tools were likely made using metallurgy. Whether tools were forged by hand or by machine, metallurgy plays a role in creating the equipment you need to build and fix things.
  • Yard equipment: If you’ve got a yard to care for or you own a landscaping business, then metal is in your life. In this case, metal comes in the form of yard equipment. In your possession you probably have rakes, shovels, a lawn mower, chainsaw and a leaf blower, all of which have metal components.
  • Motor vehicles: In the transportation category, you can add cars, trucks and motorcycles. Motor vehicles like these get us from point A to point B, but it’s their working metal parts—the engine, gears and more—that make it all move. Vehicle frames are also made of molded and welded metal. Other types of transportation that go through metallurgical processes include parts for boats and public transit.
  • Railroad: The railroad industry utilizes metallurgy in Gastonia, NC in more than one way. After all, metal is crucial in the construction of not only the train cars and the internal working parts and wheels, but the rail tracks that the train rolls over as well.
  • Electronics: There’s so much more going on with your electronic devices than meets the eye. Sure, the outer shell of your laptop, cell phones and television sets are typically made of some type of metal, but what about the internal workings? Electronics require a level of heat treating to keep components together.

If you’re in an industry that handles metal or manufactures metal components, then there might be a time when repairs are needed. Or maybe your business operates with the help of heavy machinery or tools, and you suspect metal fatigue. To get things checked out or for more information about metallurgy in Gastonia, NC, contact the team at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. to speak with an expert today.

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