Shot Blasting and Its Benefits for Metallurgy in Gastonia, NC

Most of us are familiar with sandblasting, or at least have heard this term before. It’s an abrasive blasting process featuring sand propelled by compressed air or steam, and is used as a surface cleaning or roughening treatment. Similarly, shot blasting is a popular method of cleaning, stripping, strengthening and polishing metal using a controlled, high speed stream of steel particles or iron or steel grit aimed at an object. Metallurgy in Gastonia, NC utilizes cutting edge equipment to provide professional shot blasting services to clean all sorts of metals.

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of shot blasting:

  • High quality finishing: Shot blasting gives metal surfaces a final finish like no other finishing method. Because the blast pattern from shot blasting is more accurate than other methods, it easily removes rust, corrosion, built-up scale, dust and chemical deposits without disturbing newer metal that may be nearby. This spray pattern consistency does not only remove surface corrosion—it also removes or uncovers defects in the metal as well as detects weakened or faulty spots in a surface.
  • Faster service: Using the shot blasting method yields higher production rates and a quicker service turnaround time for commissioned jobs. Since other surface preparation methods are liable to be time consuming, professionals practicing metallurgy in Gastonia, NC are more likely to shot blast when they have a high volume of metal parts to finish for a customer.
  • Customized finish: Looking for a customized surface finish? Shot blasting offers an advantage to individuals and businesses, which comes from the speed and direction of the blast set on a metal surface. Choose from a wide range of textures and finishes—like a matte finish, rough finish or a more polished, uniformed surface—and know that there can be a remarkable impact on the metal finish with the slightest speed adjustment of the blast.
  • It’s eco-friendly: The great thing about using the shot blasting method for your metal projects or jobs is that it does not use harsh chemicals during the process. Whether using blasts of steel particles (pellets, small balls or shots) or steel or iron grit, the only other element used is air that comes through an industrial grade shot blasting machine. When harsh chemicals are not in the mix, the environment and your health are not harmed.
  • Good for bonding elements: As shot blasting cleans and polishes, it’s also encouraging the protective coat of the metal and the surface getting blasted to form a permanent bond. In addition, the blasted bonding creates a durable protective coat. This, in turn, offers a longer lifespan for finished metal.

Metallurgy in Gastonia, NC is fascinating to say the least, but it can also be a topic that’s difficult to fully understand. If it sounds like you can benefit from shot blasting services and want to learn more about your metal finishing options, contact J.F. Heat Treating Inc. to speak with a professional. We are here to answer any questions you may have before, during and after service.

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