Metallurgical Services in Gastonia, NC for Your Manufacturing Outfit

Not all manufacturing businesses maintain an in-house department that handles metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC. Many outsource these services mainly to save expenses or enjoy the expertise of a specialized heat treatment shop. If you find you are in the same position, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. can offer you this service. Here is what we offer to manufacturing outfits or other industries that operate heavy equipment:

  • Parts testing: Massive machine failures can happen from one small part breaking during a critical step in manufacturing. If you manufacture parts and are currently using new material, you likely want to know if this will work out well. Take these parts in for testing at a metallurgical shop and check their integrity. That way, you will know if there are any shortcomings before an accident.
  • Investigation: Despite all your good efforts, equipment can still fail. Insurance companies, other parties and attorneys will want evidence and require investigation—especially if there is negligence involved or someone was injured. Testing failed parts reveals preventable defects or if a manufacturer took shortcuts. Depending on the data, you can fight a lawsuit, collect damages or insurance claim proceeds and make improvements if they are needed. Investigation can be stressful, but it also provides certain answers at a challenging time.
  • Quality determination: Your supplier may have changed materials on you, or you discovered something that might work well for your purposes. Before making new parts or equipment from the new material, have it tested first for quality. We can assess strength so you can determine whether the material is appropriate for your product. Minor defects might be improved with heat treating and further tests.
  • Assessing the possibility of reuse: When heavy equipment fails, you may be able to save costs by parting it out. We can test the marketable parts for possible resale by checking safety and quality. If the part itself is no longer safe for reuse, we can also test it for marketability in the metal recycling industry. You will likely not become rich overnight, but you can at least reduce some costs after equipment failure.
  • Purity determination: If you are using heavy equipment in the food industry, including brewing and wine making, there are purity standards so you do not contaminate your product. The last thing you want is a customer health epidemic that damages your reputation. Metallurgical services determine whether material contains pores to breed molds and bacteria. Sometimes, the porous surface can be repaired or replaced. Other times, it is better to know it is unsuitable before you put your products at risk.
  • Heat treating: In most of these efforts, there is a happy ending. Materials often can be repaired, or at least worked with so they can serve your needs. Hiring out metallurgical services includes these efforts through heat treatment. Furnace hardening, selective hardening and even metal cleaning are all means of using heat treatment to improve the functioning of machinery and equipment.

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