Why Should You Trust a Local, Family-Owned Business for Heat Treatment in Gastonia, NC?

Since 1980, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. has proudly served as a local, family-owned and operated business offering heat treatment in Gastonia, NC. We cater to a wide range of different businesses, from fellow local companies to huge industry names like Ford.

If you are currently looking for reliable and reasonably priced heat treatment in Gastonia, NC, then we encourage you to look for a local, family-owned and operated business like ours. Why? Because local, family-run businesses offer better work, more accommodating service and the chance to help improve your community. Here is a more detailed look at these potential benefits.

Quality work

For a local, family-owned business, each and every customer we have is important. Loosing a long-term customer can mean a serious hit to our bottom line, and we are always looking to gain new customers who could make a serious difference for our company.

That is in stark contrast to a large, faceless corporation, which could not care less about individual customers. With something as important at heat treatment and metallurgy, don’t you want a business that cares about keeping you? After all, it will likely show up in the quality of the work.

Excellent service

Beyond just offering dependable, high quality heat treatment in Gastonia, NC, a local, family-run business will also be more likely to offer friendly and helpful customer service.

Family businesses tend to have more experienced employees, and much higher rates of employee retention. This means that you can count on having the same consistent and high quality customer service every time you do business with a local company. And if your business is also important to the local economy, you get the chance to do business with another service that truly understands and appreciates your role in the community, and that wants to help you succeed.

Support the local economy

Everyone wants to live in a thriving, exciting community—so why not make your buying habits reflect that desire?

When you choose to hire a large, national business to handle your metallurgy needs, your money does not stay local. It goes to the company’s headquarters, and then gets disbursed throughout the company. Very little of that money winds up in your community.

Conversely, when you work with a local metallurgy business, your money goes toward supporting local jobs, paying local taxes and even helping other local businesses. When you pay it forward within your community, you are among those who truly benefit.

Get in touch today

To put it simply, supporting a local family business means better products, better service and a better community. If this sounds ideal to you, then we invite you to trust the team at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. with all your needs for metallurgy and heat treatment in Gastonia, NC. We have been local and family-run since 1980, and we take pride in living our strong values each and every day.

Get in touch with the team at J.F. Heat Treating Inc. today for more information about our excellent services and affordable rates. We look forward to hearing from you.

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