Metallurgical Services in Gastonia, NC to Benefit Your Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment makes jobs easier but it can also complicate your business if it fails. Metallurgical services can check the integrity of machine parts to prevent everything from catastrophic failure to inconvenient breakdowns. They also include the means to reverse these conditions and provide information on materials before manufacture or after an incident. Here are the details of metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC that help industries that use, service or manufacture heavy equipment.

Parts testing

Sometimes, all it takes is one small part to stop a day’s work. If there is suspicion that a new part is not working or current inventory lacks quality, take it in for metallurgical testing to check its integrity. Knowing if there is a problem before installation, or shortly thereafter, is better than discovering it after an accident.


If you are facing the undesirable effects of equipment failure, insurance companies, other parties and attorneys may require further investigation—especially if the incident may have been the fault of another party. Testing the parts that failed can reveal preventable defects or short-cuts in manufacture that can allow you to collect damages or insurance claim proceeds. Securing this information through metallurgical services means solid answers at challenging times.

Determining quality

Companies involved in heavy equipment use or manufacture frequently must make decisions regarding materials. Before making the parts, test the material first for quality. Through a series of tests, its strength can be assessed before you turn it into an end product. If the defects are minor, the same lab that offers the metallurgical testing may be able to make improvements to make the material workable.

Assessing reuse possibilities

If heavy equipment fails, it is worth assessing it to see if the parts can be salvaged. Testing the marketable parts for possible resale can reveal safety and quality issues. If the part itself cannot be reused, testing can also determine if it has any worth in the metal recycling industry.

Determining purity

Heavy equipment used in the food industries, including brewing, must also reach a certain level of purity. If the machinery used for preparing edible items becomes contaminated, your company risks causing an epidemic among consumers and losing good will. Metallurgical services can determine if the metal has become a porous breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Depending on the extent of the damage, the surfaces may have to be replaced, although repair is sometimes possible.

Heat treating

You likely noticed that most of these functions present a happy ending—testing often reveals issues that can be repaired. Metallurgical services also include this work, often through heat treating. Depending on your purpose, furnace hardening, selective hardening and additional cleaning services all fall under the heat treating category and can improve the functioning of your machinery and equipment.

Quality, purity and strength are all required for machinery and heavy equipment parts. If you are hoping to preserve the maximum functioning of your heavy equipment, look into metallurgical services in Gastonia, NC at J.F. Heat Treating, Inc.

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