All About Induction Hardening in Gastonia, NC

Anyone who earns a livelihood with machines can testify to the importance of keeping those machines in good working order. Many also recognize the difficulty that can be had when looking for a high-quality metallurgist to repair or enhance those machines. Fortunately, J.F. Heat Treating Inc. offers a wide range of options and services to keep your machines running longer and more effectively. Induction hardening is just one of the services we offer in Gastonia, NC.

Induction hardening is a process by which a hardened outer surface layer is created around a metal component or part while leaving the core microstructure of the part unaffected. The process is used to increase resistance to wear, to bolster surface hardness and to increase fatigue life. The focus is typically on a single localized area, and induction hardening is a fine alternative to redesigning or replacing the component. Essentially, a metal part or component that has undergone induction hardening will be considerably stronger as a result.

Most often, induction hardening is used on steel (carbon, alloy and stainless), iron (cast iron, gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron) and other alloy parts and components. Powertrain, suspension and engine components, as well as stampings, are typically beneficiaries of induction hardening in Gastonia, NC.

The process of induction hardening begins when the part in need of treatment are placed inside a copper coil. An alternating current is then applied to the coil, which begins to heat the part by inducing an alternating magnetic field. The goal is to raise the temperature on the outer surface of the part until it’s within or just above the transformation range of the particular metal in question. Once it’s in this temperature range, the metal is immediately quenched, which means it’s rapidly cooled down.

Some of the specific parts and pieces that can benefit from induction hardening include gears, axles, cam lobes, stampings, shafts and spindles. These parts are ideal for this process because they are mostly symmetrical. They are also frequently subjected to heavy loading, and the surface hardness created by induction increases the components’ ability to handle very heavy loads. The combination of a very hard outer layer and a softer core that induction hardening produces is ideal for parts that are frequently subjected to torsional loading or regular impact.

Induction hardening offers an ideal combination of speed, control and consistency, advantages that make this method preferable to more traditional methods, such as heating via a torch or open flame. It is also extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as a result of the precision and speed with which the heat is directed and delivered.

J.F. Heat Treating Inc. understands the importance of your machines, down to the last part or component. Working with cutting-edge equipment in a full-service, top-of-the-line laboratory, our skilled technicians have a reputation for reliable, efficient service. From hardening and softening to carburizing and tempering, we offer a full range of metallurgical and heat treatment services. Contact us for induction hardening in Gastonia, NC and any other services you may require.

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