Where Would we be Without Heat Treatments in Gastonia, NC?

Few people have an understanding of how industry has been able to achieve such monumental innovations over the years and even fewer realize that metallurgy has been at the forefront of many of these innovations. From the plane that you catch to visit your relatives across the country, to the machine that you operate at your job in a manufacturing plant, none of these inventions would be possible today without the heat treatments in Gastonia, NC that define their composition.

The importance of understanding and implementing metallurgical practices isn’t hyperbole by any means—without refined metals working for us, there’s a good chance that many inventions would not be possible today.


Heat treatments in Gastonia, NC play a major part in virtually every segment of the transportation industry—from the precipitated strengthening used on the bodies of planes, to the carburized car components that we rely on every day.

Transportation vehicles benefit from treated metal materials for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is the abuse they undertake constantly: abuse that would otherwise render tremendous problems for non-treated components. Planes flying at high altitude would succumb to brittle metal parts, creating tremendous safety hazards; car engines would overheat and rapidly degrade in the presence of extreme heat; and trains would be in constant need of repairs without resistance to the tremendous friction that they experience as they move.


Manufacturing also relies heavily on heat treatments in Gastonia, NC because the machines that we use to manufacture are privy to copious amounts of wear and tear.

Whether it’s an assembly machine in a computer manufacturing plant that requires precision at all times or the stress that machines in an industrial setting have to endure, treated components play a part in keeping these technologies full-functioning and protected against constant use.

Even simple components, like the brackets and screws used to assemble these machines, require extensive heat treating to stand up to the job they’re designed for!

Industries worldwide

Chances are, if there’s metal involved in an industry, they’re metals that have been heat treated to perform above and beyond what their capabilities once were. Heat treating has become such a standard in the world today that without it, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish the feats in engineering, manufacturing and industry that have been achieved because of it.

Heat treating isn’t just about fire and water anymore (think blacksmiths), either. The processes, techniques and resources that we now have available to us surpass common trade knowledge, instead requiring an exceptional understanding of physics, mathematics and even thermodynamics! It’s a skill that only the best of the best understand and only those with the right tools and resources can accomplish—making metallurgists invaluable personnel in the world today.

If you’re working with metals that require fortification, normalization, softening or more, make sure you’re coming to J.F. Heat Treating Inc. for all of your heat treatments in Gastonia, NC!

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