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What’s the Difference Between Welding and Brazing?

Are you wondering, what does brazing mean in welding, or what is braze welding? You’ve found the right webpage. We will discuss, what is brazing called, and other topics, too! Is there a difference between welding and brazing? Yes! While sometimes two different words may describe the same activity, with welding and brazing, there are important […]

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What is Tempering?

There are different ways to manipulate metal. The quenching and tempering process involves heating and cooling metal for different results. The quenching and tempering process can make the metal stronger or more flexible. What is quenching? Quenching is the process of heating metal to a high temperature and then cooling it quickly. It hardens the […]

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Important Things You Should Know About Annealing

While a metal’s chemical composition determines its mechanical composition, manufacturing industries can alter its mechanical properties through heat treatment. Companies use different methods, and one of them is annealing. If you’re looking to get more information about this process, this blog will help you learn some of the essential things to know about annealing. What […]

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